About this book

We are constantly trying new recipes. The ones that make it into this book are almost always ones that are healthy, tasty, quick to prepare. We are staying away from meat – mostly – so there are more vegetarian items.

We have tested all our recipes – they work. Other than a few family connections, however, there is no 'theme' to the book. Try some of the recipes, see if you like them.

To print a recipe to use when cooking, just click on the recipe, then click your browser’s Print icon. Depending on your browser, you may have to select "Print Selected Frame" to exclude the Table of Contents from the printout.

The Table of Contents is organized by subject. It’s a good way to find something new that you haven’t tried before. You can also use the Search funtion.

If you want to look for a particular recipe or ingredient, the Index includes all of the recipes in the book, and we have tried to index things under general headings as well as by ingredients. Select the Index tab.

So, you will find all dishes which have meat under different types of meats. Poultry is under Chicken and Turkey. All dishes are also shown in the index under the main ingredient – for example, Dal is indexed under Vegetarian and under Lentils. We have tried to index all major ingredients, so check the index.

In case you are curious about the names or origins of some recipes, most of the recipes in this book were tested by Pat, written by Peter. “Mimi” is the family name for Pat’s mother. Bob was Peter’s father. And so it goes.

About the images:  means a Note,  should be pretty clear. designates something you need to pay attention to.  

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