Mise en Place

Mise en Place is the French term for “fixing to make ready”. In recent years, we’ve found it a useful technique, especially at the end of a busy day, when you want to get dinner ready quickly, but mostly want to sit down before cooking.

Yes, I know. Any good cook does this. The French, I’m sure, make it point of honor. Well, we’ve been using it longer than this note might indicate, but we thought it might be helpful to recommend it to you in case it hadn’t occurred.

It’s really simple. We have a stack of small glass dishes and some other bowls of various sorts we use. We do the chopping and cutting, put the things in a bowl, and go sit down for a while. When it’s time to cook, all we have to do is dump the contents of the bowls into the proper pot in the prescribed sequence.

We’ll try to make suggestions for Mise en Place in our future recipes when appropriate.

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