Garlic Pasta  

Serves 2

Quick and easy, you should always have the ingredients about for this one.

: Prepare pasta – vermicelli – while making this sauce.

8 cloves garlic
3 tbsp olive oil
1/2 to 1 cup whipping cream
Salt and pepper to taste
4 oz. pasta, cooked (weigh before cooking)
Freshly grated Parmigiana Reggiano or Pecorino Romano cheese to taste
Parsley for garnish

  1. Cut the garlic into thin slices, and sauté in the olive oil until not quite browned.  
  2. Add the cream, tiny bit of salt, and ample pepper.  
  3. Simmer for a moment to reduce the cream, and then toss with the hot pasta, just removed from the water.  
  4. Add lots of cheese and a parsley garnish.

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