Notes on Ingredients

We've cooked and eaten all the recipes in this book. We often adjust and correct a recipe when we try it again.

We started to write this book while we lived in Germany so some references may be confusing. Generally, though, unless clearly shown, ingredients and measures are American. Other recipes are from British sources. There are some differences in ingredients and whatnot, which we've tried to note when necessary.

If you have questions about any ingredients, another source is The Cook's Thesaurus (, with all kinds of information on things you want to put in your mouth.

Paprika: It's hard to get anything but sweet paprika in the supermarket. In Hungary, there are over 200 different kinds of paprika. We get a "Half-Sharp" paprika from either San Francisco Herbs or The Spice House (in Evanston, IL). Has a real bite to it, but not excessive.

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