About Cheese

Parmigiano (Parmesan) cheese only comes from one place, Parma, Italy. Kraft does not have a factory there. It is known as Parmigiana Reggiano, the only Parmesan that is truly worth eating. When fresh, it is sweet and lovely. The more it ages, the sharper it gets. Grate it for a garnish, or slice it for eating if it is really fresh. Accept no substitutes.

When Kraft Foods speaks of Romano they refer to a cheese they sell made from cow’s milk and that tastes disgusting to me. The real thing is called Pecorino Romano, a ewe's-milk cheese (Pecorino) from the Rome district (Romano). Kraft does not have a factory there, either. You can get this in America, and one brand that is good is Locatelli. It is always best to grate your own. Pecorino is generally cheaper than Parmigiano Reggiano, has a little more distinctive flavor.

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